"What we decide to do in the face of adversity
is perhaps the truest measure of character."

Ian Usher

Ian Usher

In 2000, English-born Ian married and moved to Australia. When the marriage dissolved several years later, Ian made international headlines when he sold his”entire life” on eBay in 2008.

He followed up with a travel adventure, wandering the world for a period of 100 weeks, armed with a bucket list of 100 goals.

At the end of his journey he settled in Canada for a while, then using Walt Disney’s money from the purchase of the film rights to his book “A Life Sold”, Ian bought a small Caribbean island off the coast of Panama. It was while living here that he met his partner Vanessa.

Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa too has lived a life less ordinary.

In 2013, after a chance meeting in London,
she visited Ian on his island in Panama.

The two week vacation became a lifestyle choice,
when she decided not to return to London.

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